Installing LanToucher Messenger

This page provides step-by-step instructions for installing LanToucher Messenger. We recommend you print this Web page before you proceed with the installation. To open the Print window, select Print... from the File menu.

We strongly recommend that you install the most recent version of LanToucher Messenger.

Before you begin installing the software, please visit the Downloads page to check if you have the same installation package as the one on the page. If you have an older version or are unsure about it, please download the most recent release of LanToucher Messenger from the Downloads page and then install it.

If you are downloading LanToucher Messenger for the first time, please read the download instructions first.

Installation (Local, GUI mode)

1. Locate the installation package of LanToucher Messenger and then double-click it to install the software on your computer. A Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard dialog like the one below will appear in a matter of seconds.

Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard

To begin configuring the installer, click the Next button at the bottom of the window. You can click the Cancel button at any time to terminate the setup process.

2. Carefully read the End-User License Agreement (EULA) for the LanToucher Messenger software before installing the software on your computer.

License Agreement

If you accept the terms in the EULA, select I accept the terms in the license agreement and then click Next to continue.

3. Specify your name and organization in the fields provided. If you are installing the LanToucher Messenger software for someone else, you should use their details here.

Customer Information

If you want all users of this computer to have access to LanToucher Messenger, then leave the Anyone who uses this computer selection, otherwise choose Only for me. Click Next to go to the next screen.

4. Select the destination folder for the LanToucher Messenger program files. You can use a network drive or UNC path here.

Destination Folder

To install the messaging software to the default folder (recommended), click Next.

5. On the Setup Type screen you can choose between the three types of installation.

File Download

Select Typical to install all of the program components including help files, sound files, pictures, and extras. To install only the base components of LanToucher Messenger, select Minimal. Select Custom to choose which components of LanToucher Messenger to install on your computer. Click Next to continue.

6. If you selected the Typical or Minimal setup type previously, skip to step 7. Choose the program components you want to install with LanToucher Messenger.

File Download

In the list of available features, click on the icon of a particular feature and then click This feature will be installed on local hard drive to allow this feature, or click This feature will not be available to disable this feature. When you are done, click Next to move to the next screen.

7. To review or change any of the installation settings, click the Back button.

File Download

Click Install to continue the installation process.

8. On this screen you can monitor the status of the installation process.

File Download

Once the copying is complete, you will be taken to the next screen automatically.

9. The installation of the LanToucher Messenger software has completed.

File Download

Check the Launch LanToucher box to start LanToucher Messenger after you click the Finish button. Check the Show the readme file box to open the ReadMe file after you click Finish. Click Finish to close the InstallShield Wizard.

Important: On each computer that is to run LanToucher Messenger, the installation procedure needs to be completed.

Alternatively, you can install the messaging software in "Silent mode".

Unattended Installation (Local, Silent mode)

For unattended installation of LanToucher Messenger, use the .MSI (Windows Installer) version of the setup package. You can download the ltsetup.msi installation file from the Downloads page.

For quiet installation*, use this shell command:

msiexec /i ltsetup.msi /q

For quiet uninstallation*, use this shell command:

msiexec /x ltsetup.msi /q

*Assuming the current directory is where the ltsetup.msi file is located. Otherwise, you should use the actual full path to the setup package. See the examples below.

msiexec /i c:\downloads\ltsetup.msi /q

msiexec /i \\server\pub_install\ltsetup.msi /q

Push Installation (Remote, Silent mode)

Command-line push installation (silent mode) of the LanToucher Messenger application to remote computers over the network can be done using the psexec.exe utility.

You will need the PsExec utility to perform this type of remote installation. PsExec is part of PsTools available from free of charge.

To install the LanToucher Messenger software on a remote computer using the PsExec utility, use the following shell command:

psexec \\COMPUTER -u UserID -p PWD msiexec /i \\SERVER\share\ltsetup.msi /q

COMPUTER - remote computer name (UNC, DNS name, IP address)

UserID - remote user name (must have administrative privileges)

PWD - remote user password

\\SERVER\share\ltsetup.msi - absolute UNC path to the MSI setup package. If the remote computer has a network drive mapped to a shared folder on the file server, you can use it instead (e.g. S:\pub_install\ltsetup.msi)

To uninstall LanToucher Messenger remotely, use this shell command:

psexec \\COMPUTER -u UserID -p PWD msiexec /x \\SERVER\share\ltsetup.msi /q

As an alternative to this method of remote installation, you may want to use the Group Policy Management Console to install the messaging software.

Terminal Server Installation

LanToucher Messenger can be run on a Terminal Server with a few limitations:

  • Terminal Server users must have *unique* logon credentials, since LanToucher Messenger uses Windows logon names as internal messaging aliases and stores its configuration in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry key.
  • Terminal Server users cannot send and receive domain/workgroup messages (the 'Send To Domain' button).

Installation Steps

  • Log on to the system as an Administrator and then install the application (version 1.33 or above) on the TS server
    • for Windows Server 2016/2012/2008/2003: double-click the setup package
    • for Windows 2000 Server / NT 4.0 TS Edition: use the "Add/Remove Programs" applet in Control Panel.
  • When asked, select the "Install this application for->All Users" option. You can install LanToucher Messenger either to the default folder, C:\Program Files or to any other folder with Remote Desktop Users permissions.
  • Run the application, then hit F3 to search for online users.

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